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Naiad, the Anglo-Swiss makers of Turn-It strips.

  • Innovative & indestructible: Adhesive scotch-tape buzzer nymphs.
  • Adapt & catch: 100s of patterns for 100s of fly-fishing conditions. See also other flies tied with Turn-it strips.
  • Fast & clean: Tie 50 buzzers in 1 hour without any mess!
  • Read more about 'turn-it' and naiad.
  • ABOUT US: Our promise, customer feedback & magazine articles.

Buy securely on Access the product catalogue with the menus above or pictures on left.

  • Match your needs using our tailored fly-fishing product categories.
  • Benefit from our promotional offers on Selections, Kits, Hooks & Beads.
  • PAYMENT: We use PayPal for your security. You do not need an account with PayPal; simply pay by Credit Card by selecting CONTINUE on the PayPal site without logging in. If you prefer to pay by cheque on receipt of your order, please place your order and provide a LANDLINE phone number.

You can also buy Naiad products from international retailers

  • Retailer sites are in local language and sell in local currencies.
  • German speakers will also enjoy Ruediger's excellent video tutorial.

Watch our videos and tie your own Naiad patterns.

  • Naiad was at the BRITISH FLY FAIR INTERNATIONAL 2012. See NEW exciting patterns!

  • Watch Keith's tutorial and product listings.

Buzzer & nymph fly-fishing

  • Read about the pleasures of nymph fly fishing.
  • Naiad nymphs are keeping tight lines. See the latest results of our Catch 100'000 Trout with Naiad Nymphs project. This project is showing us the list of winning patterns. Contribute to this by sending us your catch rates by email or using the Contact Us link below.

A word about the internet...

  • We directly address queries about as we manage the site ourselves.
  • The #1 internet let-down (the browser) has prevented a few people from shopping online. Recommendation: Use the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer with a "Medium/High" internet security level. Alternatively, contact us to get a personalised solution.
  • To view this site in another language, type in Google Translate. Translations are good; online shopping does not work.

UK based fly-tying clubs in partnership with Naiad


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